To the Galway City Manager and Galway City Senior Planner, Planning Department, My submission to the “Draft City Development Plan” contains several proposed points (plus a pdf map for the Roscam Peninsula section of the Athlone to Galway (Off Road) Cycleway, i.e. part of the #WildAtlanticCycleway_GalwaytoOranmore). 1) Proposal: Restore former Rosshill 3 Par hole golf course to G zoning (High Amenity and Agricultural) from LDR Zoning and designate these lands as a nucleus for a future Galway Parkland related area (see Proposal 6) that can accommodate the future Athlone to Galway (Off Road) Cycleway (see Proposal 2) 2) Proposal: Use lands of the former Rosshill 3 Par Golf Course for the Roscam Peninsula section of the Athlone to Galway (Off Road) Cycleway now in mid planning/design stage (ttps:// This undisturbed green golf-course lands form the only straight line, sufficiently wide, and unimpeded NATURAL GREENWAY and NATURE CORRIDOR suitable for the East Galway Section of the mandated Athlone to Galway (Off Road) Cycleway 3) Proposal: The Athlone to Galway (Off Road) Cycleway –East Galway City Section – continues west from the western end of the OFF ROAD ROSCAM PENNINISULA GREENWAY SECTION proposed here into Kiniska (i.e. south side of the railway line at MURROUGH) and on towards Ballyloughnane. (see PPT Map associated with this submission) 4) Proposal: The section of the “Indicative Greenway Cycle Network” on the Galway City Development Plan May A City shown to go ALL around the Roscam Peninsula be changed from a “Cycle” Path to an environmentally sensitive wood based NATURAL COASTAL “WALKWAY” 5) Proposal: Develop an environmentally and archeologically sensitive plan to study and eventually develop the Extensive Roscam Monastic Site, including the Round Tower and earlier Bronze Age Settlement Areas into a major East Galway Heritage, Culture, Science and Arts Hub. (New research to begin understanding the original size, structure and importance of these sites in the settlement of Galway City will start in summer 2022 via a project planned by a group of USA based academics) 6) Proposal: Galway City Planners and Galway City Council must ensure that the Galway City Plan 2023-2029 enables ZERO development potential on BOTH the OFF ROAD ROSCAM PENNINISULA GREENWAY SECTION of the Athlone to Galway Cycleway proposed here AND on the current extensive GREENBELT area that completely surrounds and protects (physically and visually) the ROSCAM Bronze Age and 5th Century Monastic sites. Goal of this protection from development is to ensure these MAGNIFICENT GREEN areas can, as soon as possible, become designated as PARKLAND areas to be part of Galway City’s application dossier to become Irelands first National Park City (proposed here: This will enable these Unique City Parklands and Seascapes to be enjoyed by all future generations of Galwegians and all visitors to the City. 7) Proposal: Re-Examine rezoning decisions referred to on roughly page 291 draft GCDP 2023-2029 in Figure 11.30 (LDR Roscam • Development on each site outlined in red shall be restricted to two houses only, reserved for the use of immediate family members of the landowner).